Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cherry Calfoutis

Speaking of exotically named desserts [my post on kouign amann] I had some friends over for a very informal evening and decided to make a cherry clafoutis [Slate] as an easy but tasty dessert.  Came out well, I think, nicely in between being cakey and custardy.  And of course this is getting to be a great time of year for local cherries.

In reading more about them I came across a sort of cousin from Brittany (clafoutis comes from Limousin [] in south-central France) called a "Far Breton." [Epicurious] That's a beautifully evocative name for a dessert.  Sorta like a Paris-Brest [Martha Stewart], though I'm doubtful I'll ever make one of those complex bicycle-wheel-looking creampuff things.