Friday, June 5, 2015

Kissaten Jin Bento

Growing up in Hawai'i, and spending my junior year of college in Japan, mean that no cuisine is closer to my heart than Japanese food is.  I'm super fortunate that one of the many cultish ramen joints in NYC, Jin Ramen, is relatively nearby, but even more fortunate that Jin recently spun off a next-door place, called "Kissaten Jin," that does bentos and donburi and soba.  ("Kissaten" means "coffee shop" or "cafe" in Japanese, which is what the place is during the day...but they get cooking in the evening.)

And while the lines out the door often dissuade me from the cultish ramen, Kissaten Jin almost always has a seat free for a hungry fan of Japanese comfort food.
What's better than a beautifully presented, tidily compartmentalized meal with a little bite of this and that, and some sticky rice and miso soup to go with?

Not much, that's what.