Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fiori di Zucca Pizza at Marta

I had lunch with a friend this week at Marta, the inexplicably Italian, very trendy place that basically is the entire lobby of the swanky Martha Washington Hotel.  I love the space, it's very beautiful and sleek and modern, with floor-to-ceiling windows that open wide onto 29th Street on a beautiful summer afternoon.  Though if you're going to name a hotel the Martha Washington, it's an odd choice for a restaurant.  I checked, and she and George never left the country, I'm very doubtful she'd've known what a pizza was if one bit her.

Anyway,  friend R and I got the fritto misto (many fried veggies) and the butter lettuce salad, and the fiori di zucca pizza.  The starters were...fine, I guess?  Nothing to especially write home about, the veggies a little greasier than you'd want them to be, but tasty, and a nice change from the seafood that  normally comprises a fritto misto.

The pie was just beautiful.  Take a look:

Gorgeous, but, sadly, it was kind of boring.  I mean, squash blossoms at their best aren't that packed-with-flavor, and neither was the mozzarella, and the crust, while nice enough, didn't do much in the flavor department either.  Thank god for the anchovies.

I've been thinking about what I'd do to make it more interesting, without completely overwhelming the blossomy beauty of it.  A bit of the old truffle oil would be the crowd pleasing, too-easy solution.  But I think a more interesting cheese, like a fontina or taleggio, and some kind of fresh herb--like oregano or thyme maybe, is what this is calling out for.